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Waterproof Boots and Rubber Boots - It's all about keeping your feet warm and dry in wet and snowy conditions.


It doesn't matter where you live, if you want to keep your feet warm and dry you're going to need waterproof boots or rubber boots

Luckily today's fashion is a lot different to times past, now boots that are made of several different materials to keep the cold and wet out, can also look great and feel comfortable.

Itasca has a large range of waterproof boot styles and rubber boots available in sizes for men, women and children, there are lots of different models and styles to meet everyone's needs and looks.

Some new materials going into boot production are
Thinsulate and Neoprene

So what is Thinsulate?

Produced since 1979, Thinsulate is a trademarked product owned and produced by 3M, it's used in a large group of footwear products including boots, fishing waders and also used in other products like wetsuits, jackets, gloves and hats. Its impressive production is what creates the microfibers and the insulation is created by allowing air to get trapped in-between each microfiber which allows the retention of heat but allows moisture vapor to pass, giving that breathing effect, keeping you dry and warm.

The thing that makes thinsulate so remarkable is the unique way the microfibers are produced as they are very fine and the finer or smaller the fibers the more air molecules are able to be trapped increasing the insulation ability because the heat from your body is passed to the trapped air and remains there, keeping you warm. Because thinsulate fibers are so small, less of them are required to create the required amount of insulation needed in a lot of products, which in turn results in the fabric being very thin and light.

Look for products available that include thinsulate from our online store or products displaying the 3m thinsulate logo.


So what is Neoprene?

Neoprene is a synthetic rubber that was developed in the 1930's. It has been considered a type of foam due to it's texture and ability to return to it's original shape after been squeezed. It's commonly used in wet-suits and is the easiest way for people to identify what it is. It's a versatile material that is resistant to chemicals, abrasion, and it is waterproof and buoyant, which makes it a great product to be used in fly waders for example.
Search our onine store for products featuring neoprene

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